Your Alive … So Now What ?


Your alive . You have been born . You have grown up. Get a job , have a family , have good times , have bad times , retire , die . Whats the point . Whats the meaning .Why live? Life can be only understood backwards and best lived in the present not in the past or not in the future . I think life gives us all a calling that we must discover and that we can influence and choose . Sometimes circumstances and our environment choose our calling for us  . Martin Luther King was born in a time of great injustice . He could have chose to live a quiet life ignoring the glaring and horrific injustice of his time . He did not ,he chose to fight for what is right ,what is good . He fought for humanity and paid the ultimate price . But in the process elevated the lives of countless African Americans in America and give  generations the freedom and rights every human being deserves . To be a hero you must live in heroic times . I look at my father . He is not Martin Luther King . He did not lead a human rights revolution or free the hearts and souls of a people .

My father provided for and helped raise a family , he worked in a factory and on a farm .  His work was humble , his heart was golden . He lived for people . He carried me many times in my life . He was a  country man  , his words were simple  , his intention to help , to care for ,  to guide , to love . His hands are like shovels and  his palms as rough as tarmac but core is filled with good will. Is his life any less meaningful because he lived an ordinary  life  with humble work? I would argue his life was extraordinary and deeply meaningful . I know the crosses and pains he has carried courageously and gracefully . I know the love he has given and the many lives his kindness and goodwill have touched . I know the many peoples lives who are better because he lived . He was challenged by life and he rose  to that challenge . He planted seeds and grew mighty tall proud  magnificent oak trees . Everyone has different gifts ,talents and abilities . Life asks everyone a different question which only each person on his/her own can answer . Each question life ask s of people is meaningful and valid . Only we can answer our calling and develop it or  choose to ignore it  . A good life is a life lived with courage , action and good intent . We give life its meaning . Choose wisely , choose bravely , choose with love.

Take Care,




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