Why I choose to remain Anonymous. (Mental Health Stigma )




When starting a blog there is a choice whether to remain anonymous or give up ones identity . For transparency giving up ones identity is the more favourable option. 


The core issue for me is that the topic which I blog and tweet about which is mental health . Maybe if I was brave enough I could give up my identify  but at the moment I cant. It is fear which is stopping me from giving up identity . Fear for my career, fear  what my friends might think , fear what my family might think and fear ,ultimately what society might think.


I have a mental illness . There I said it . But my mental illness does not define me. I am not a box or a label. I am more. I am a son, a brother , a boyfriend and a friend. Because I have a mental illness I also choose to remain anonymous. I will gladly give my identity up when there is no longer a stigma about mental illness in Ireland .Society has forced me into a corner where I have to box clever for fear of being knocked out by a heavy  punch.

I love Ireland . I love us Irish . I love the way we don’t take ourselves too serious . I love the way we put ourselves down in a gentle kind friendly way . I love the way  the weather is our conversational clutch . I love our smiles on sunny days. But I don’t love mental illness discrimination .I don’t love mental illness stigma . I don’t love substandard mental health services. I don’t love the amount of young people committing suicide in our fair isle today. My brother committed suicide. 

We are a strong ,brave and resilient people . We have been through so much hardship and came through wiser and more reflective. Our people survived the Great Famine, British rule , the Poverty and Hardship of the Eighties Recession and now this Painful Recession. I know we will get to grips with the mental health issues which are affecting our country like suicide and depression . We owe it to our young people both past and present.I may chose to remain anonymous  but that doesn’t  mean l wont fight any less hard for mental health rights and suicide prevention. Tus maith leath na hoibre.





4 thoughts on “Why I choose to remain Anonymous. (Mental Health Stigma )

  1. Hi,

    I came across your post just browsing on twitter and would like to thank you for it. Since reading of distressing events in the news in 2011 which are not legally safe to talk about, I have realised that for society to flourish, advocacy is needed, not only positive advocacy in favour of funding mental health organisations, but also, “negative” advocacy which holds the stigmatising activities you speak of in check. There is nothing that prevents a family or workplace from implementing stigmatising behaviour – nothing except the law, and the law in Ireland takes second place to power and dynastic favouritism.

    With this in mind, I have founded a short story competition called “Walking on Thin Ice” which has a website walkingonthinice.org – its remit is to solicit high quality fiction on the theme of mental health, stigma and power. Particularly the third element. Prizes are good, because I want good subs.

    Like you, I want Irish people to change – and frankly I think they should be *made* change if they won’t. You are fighting, but you are not fighting alone. For what my advocacy is worth!

    Check out the website and have a good evening. Thank you for saying what needs to be said.


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